Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SUN - Painting giveaway!

For all painting inquiries please contact me directly at…,
or message me on Facebook Messenger...

Hi Everyone!

I'm giving away the original acrylic painting you see above! Entry begins right now! March 25th, 2009! All you have to do to enter the draw is join my mailing list. Send me an email with the words "COUNT ME IN"... along with your name. If you're already on my mailing list and would like to enter, send me an email with the same 3 words. "COUNT ME IN"!

Email me at You have till midnight April 25th, 2009 to enter!

I'll be announcing the winner right here on my blog on Monday April 27, 2009.

Stay tuned... and good luck to all ♥



linda cardina said...

OMG!! sandra i LOVE it!!! and oh so want it! now keep in mind when picking the winner who your biggest fan is and who loves ya babe!!!;) xoxolin

Lisa Gatz said...

Great giveaway...I love this painting!


great giveaway please include me

Susan said...

please enter me, thanks for the chance to win! great painting!

Nat said...

It is great you are giving such a wonderful piece of art away. I love these girls. One of us will be very happy.

Renee said...

Maybe I will be lucky and win this guy. I love him.

Count me in.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and just to let you know that all of the artwork on my blog is stolen. Yikes.


Renee said...

You are too darn cute and very funny. Do you get cute and funny from beautiful Linda?

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Sandra I love the painting too.

As a matter of fact I love all of her paintings.

The artist is Kelly Vivanco and she did my blog banner too. (Not for me of course, but she is the artist.)

Sandra you should goggle her and go over there you won't take your eyes off of the screen.


Love Renee

Miranda Ward said...

This is too cute said...

Hi Sandra ,This is paint is so lovely .I want it for me!!

Anonymous said...

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