Sandra Mucciardi was born and raised in Montreal and developed a passion for art at a young age; progressing to studies in Creative Arts and Illustration & Design later in life. It wasn’t until an extended trip abroad that her true love for painting began. Sandra spent her time by the sea, soaking in the beauty of her surroundings, and sketching concepts for paintings. It was then that a deep and insatiable desire to paint on canvas was born. 

I create from an instinctual feeling, welcoming any ideas that flow through me. Every mark made reveals the direction of a piece, and is the beginning of a journey into the subconscious.
My enthusiasm for creating from imagination, be it painting abstracts or female faces mirrors that of a child’s. Bringing characters into existence, playing with color and texture, and the simple act of applying paint to canvas, is freeing and pure pleasure in and of itself. My paintings are all an expression of my mood and core, forever changing and evolving.

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