My love for painting began 20 years ago on an extended trip abroad. I spent my time by the sea, soaking in the beauty of a small town in Croatia called Rabac. Sketching and dreaming up concepts for paintings, it was then that a genuine and insatiable desire to paint on canvas was born. I embarked on a beautiful creative journey, which became a true passion and part of my everyday life. 

I paint from imagination, with no use of photo-reference, just a deep connection to what comes from within. Immersed in an experience that is freeing is the process I am after, welcoming any ideas that flow through me. Every mark made reveals the direction of a piece, solely led by intuition. My paintings are very much a result of what happens in the moment. 

The enthusiasm I feel when creating female faces or abstract paintings mirrors that of a child’s, in that the simple act of applying paint to canvas, creating something from nothing, is pure pleasure in and of itself, and still gives me a thrill even today. 

My paintings are all a reflection and expression of my mood and core, forever changing and evolving.

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